The Grand Finals of the League 4 Charity tournament took place at the Grand Del Mar Club M, with around 100 people watching live in person, as well as a peak viewership of 2,300 online twitch viewers. The event was ran online by a Bishops High School club named Gaming 4 Charity, and hosted live by yours truly, High School Starleague. Throughout the day, G4C brought plenty of refreshments and pizza for the live audience, while HSL provided the video and live stream production. League of Tritons, the UCSD LoL club, provided high-level casting through Kevin He, Ben Young, and Dominic Roemer.

Match One featured two teams from Canyon Crest Academy, with players from other schools such as Torrey Pines and Cathedral mixed in. Team Brian Kim Sux pulled off a decisive 2-0 win against Team I HATE ANTS!!!!!, after already beating them in the winners bracket. Afterwards, Team Brian Kim Sux advanced to play against Team Nicholas Liao, whom they lost to earlier. However, this time Team Brian Kim Sux would manage to pull off a close 2-1 victory, and make it to the Grand Finals against Team WV LoL. WV LoL’s team, which contains a challenger level player, managed to quickly 3-0 BK Sux, with a massive amount of fans coming in screaming and chanting the fan favorite Erik Voss, while holding up pictures of his face with their phones.

VODS of the matches and pictures can be found here!