Project Description

The Triforce Cup marks our first live production event, and was at Howie’s Game Shack in Buena Park. An offshoot of our normal season, the Triforce Cup featured high level players from the Orange County, California area. The group stages were played at individual high schools, with the top teams facing off against the other schools’ top teams both online and in a LAN setting. Special thanks to our event sponsors:, Jinx, SoCal eSports, Mission Market, and Howie’s Game Shack.

Videos can be found here.

General Statistics:
Time broadcast: 10 hours
Total unique visitors 81,160 (Closer to 270,000 when the frontpage time is considered.)
Max concurrent viewers: 2,903
Average concurrent viewers: 987
Time watched: 9541
Revenue Statistics:
Commercial breaks (total #): 17
Commercial breaks (total time): 1,230s
Viewer Engagement:
New Twitch follows: 245
New Facebook likes: 37
New Twitter followers: ~58
Average time watched per visitor (81,160 viewers): ~7 minutes per viewer
Average time watched per visitor (270,000 viewers): ~2 minutes, 7 seconds per viewer