UPDATE! #3: Grand Lagoon has been replaced with Neo Planet S.

UPDATE! #2: THE FINAL DEADLINE IS THURSDAY, FEB 7, 11:00 PM EST Please make sure you have 1) Signed up on the HSL website 2) Signed up through email 3) Joined the Facebook group “HSL Coordinators”

Muspelheim will be replaced with Akilon Flats and Whirlwind updated to Whirlwind SE.

UPDATE!: Please also register your team at the website http://www.hsstarleague.com/ in addition to your e-mail registration.

Happy New Years!

Hello from the HSL staff here, and we hope you guys have had a great Winter Break and a good first semester so far. We’d foremost like to apologize for the huge delay and constant setbacks. As you guys may have heard, we have decided to start the season, but unfortunately without the promised new website. However, let’s not allow this setback to stop us from having a great season 2!

As we will be using Battlefy to organize our league, we will revert to Season 0’s GSTL All-Kill format. Not only is it more convenient (no lineup feature), All-Kill encourages players to get together and support their teammates, due to the fact your team must have players available when your teammate falls and enter the fray. Furthermore, your team will be able to analyze the opponent and discuss who would be the most suitable player to go up next. These are some of the advantages of the All-Kill format.

1) Send an email to Hsteamleague@gmail.com with the following info
– School name
– City, State/Province
– Players real full names, Character.Code
– Time zone
– Coordinator email, and any designated substitutes’ emails

Note: Coordinators will be added to the facebook page, so please check there for all updates!

2) Sign up on Battlefy
(This will take place once divisions are announced)

Registration runs from January 5th through January 31st at midnight.

The season will begin February 9th and run 10 weeks through April 13th with matches every Saturday at 7:00 PM local time. The Playoffs will begin May 4th and the schedule will go as follows:

May 4th: Round of 32
May 11th: Round of 16
May 18th: Round of 8
May 25th: Round of 4


Players must be currently enrolled in High School.
Players must be in North America.
Teams can only consist of players within one school.
(Note: If may qualify for an exception if you e-mail us a petition explaining your situation and why you are not able to make a team within your school. Somethings we consider in this process include as follows: population of your High School, strong connections to nearby schools, etc.)


Teams will be grouped with other teams in the same region. Divisions will be posted after later notice.


Meet in Channel HSL

Each Team Match will be on each Saturday, at 7:10 pm in your time zone.. If the coordinator of the other team does not show up by 7:10 pm, they will automatically forfeit the Match.*
If the coordinator’s team does not start the next set (in-game) in 5 minutes, they will automatically forfeit that Set.*
You may appoint a coordinator for a specific Match if you PM me or zalien with the following template:

[Name of PM: Coordinator Substitute]
[Tell me:
Your Character.Code
Sub’s Character.Code
Your E-mail
Date of Substitution MM/DD/YYYY
City, State/Province]


Coordinator Substitute

Yoshi Island High School
Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi Land

All players statuses must be set to Busy, or penalties may be imposed.
Report to HSL staff for any problems/conflicts.
After one of us receives a PM regarding a late coordinator/player, we will wait 10/10 minutes respectively before DQ’ing them/him from the Match/Set.


We will be using the map set from the most relevant GSTL map pool as of now, which would be from GSL 2012 Season 3.

(Wiki)Cloud Kingdom
(Wiki)Entombed Valley
(Wiki)Antiga Shipyard
(Wiki)Abyssal City
(Wiki)Planet S
(Wiki)Akilon Flats

The starting map for each week will be pre-determined as follows:

1) Antiga Shipyard
2) GSL Abyssal City
3) Ohana LE
4) GSL Entombed Valley
5) Neo Planet S
6) Daybreak LE
7) Cloud Kingdom LE
8) GSL Whirlwind SE
9) Akilon Flats
10) Antiga Shipyard
11) GSL Abyssal City
12) Ohana LE

Map Version/Author Notes:

+ Show Spoiler +


[Bo7] GSTL / Winner’s League
Best of 7

1) Both teams will announce their player rosters [Character.Code.Race]. The lower seeded team will present their roster first.

2) Both teams will pick their first player without knowing the opponent’s choice. To do this, follow the steps:

1. Coordinator of the higher seeded team (the team above the other in the brackets) will create the game.
2. The Coordinator of the higher seeded team will then have his first player join the game. If the Coordinator will play first, do not have another teammate join yet.
3. When ready, the Coordinator will let the opponent team’s Coordinator know, and the opponent team’s Coordinator will send in his first player.
4. The first player of each team in the game (with the exception of the Host Coordinator if he is not playing) will be the players to play in the Set 1.

If there is a conflict, then you can resort to whisper/PM in SC2 your first player, and we will announce the players to both teams and that will allow you to start your Match.

3) The loser of the previous set is out for the rest of the Match. The winner stays in until he is defeated, of which he will also be out for the rest of the Match.

4) The first team to run out of players or lose 4 sets will lose the Team Match.

Players may change race between Matches, but not between Sets.
After the first set, the losing team will pick the next map to play on. You can’t pick a map already played on.
All observers must be spectators except for HSL Referees.
Each spectator is allowed only if both coordinators from both teams agree.
If one of the players types “lag”, or requests observers to leave, then everyone except the Referees are required to leave immediately. If a spectator on the opposite team remains in the game after 10 game seconds, the spectator’s team may be subject to an automatic forfeit for that Set.


Single Elimination, Bo9.

More details to come. Each match will take place each saturday like in the group stages.


As always, if you want to cast, you’re welcome! Anyone can cast at least once, regardless of skill. Only when we feel your casting does not meet our standards will be not “allow” you to cast next time.

Please PM me if you want to cast, with the following template (omit text in brackets):

[Date and Time of the Event: MM/DD/YYYY – 0:00 AM/PM – Event Name]
[How much of the night can you cast, how many other people do you want to cast with, what is your preference of the other casters, do you have friends you want to cast with you, other details/concerns, etc.]


Yoshi Kirishima – Yoshi.855
Zalien – STAxis.550
SpicyRamen – spicyramen.184
OneManArmy – OneManArmy.579

Reports and Disputes

In case of match dispute, contact any HSL Staff. If you have a score dispute, please provide a replay. If you do not have a replay saved to defend yourself, we cannot give you the benefit of the doubt.

If you have a cheating report, we’ll inspect it. Please e-mail us a well written email detailing who, where, when, why, how, what cheating was used, along with the replay(s) attached.