About Our Staff

At the High School Starleague, we work hard daily to provide the best possible experience for our participants. This work comes in many forms: it could be answering questions, administrating games, producing live events, or designing graphics. No matter what the work is, we’re sure to have a fun time doing it.

Images Of Our Workplace (Desks At Home)

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Meet Our Team

TomberTomber “Spicyramen” Su
Managing Director

Tomber currently heads the HSL. He not only plays an active role in the day-to-day operations of the HSL including design, tournament management, and business management, but also helps guide the long-term direction of the league. Having guided the organization for the past three years, Tomber knows that HSL is not only his dream, but also his staff’s. One of his utmost priorities is to help his staff succeed at both their tasks and their overall vision. Although school and work leave little time for fun, he enjoys playing games in SC2 and LoL, but occasionally resorts to Battlefield 3 when his lack of mechanical skill becomes frustrating. He is currently a student at Biola University majoring in piano with a minor in business.

Aaron “Xenocidel” Liao
Tournament Director

Aaron is a student at the University of California, Irvine majoring in Computer Engineering. He founded an eSports club at his high school and, along with Noah Hwang, created the first local intramural eSports competition known as the Triforce Cup. Aaron has been with the HSL since 2012 and is a hardware enthusiast and DIY hobbyist.

Tiffany Le
Design Director

Tiffany began playing LoL during season 2, where she climbed the ranks to Diamond by playing middle and support champions shortly after hitting level 30. In 2014, after falling in love with the eSports culture, Tiffany created her own eSports club at Sunny Hills High School. The club helped her begin her career as a graphic designer, where she learned how to design overlays and banners for livestreams and social media. In 2015, HSL reached out to Tiffany and recruited her as their graphic designer. Ever since, Tiffany has been working alongside the other HSL staff in promoting eSports culture to high schools across North America. Tiffany is now attending college to pursue her career in Advertising and Graphic Design.

Josh Miller-Day
Community Outreach Coordinator

Involved since High School, Josh has been active in the eSports community for over 5 years. As the former president of Penn State eSports, he has branched his involvement to national organizations such as HSL and TeSPA. Josh currently is a senior finishing his degrees in Information Science and Business at Penn State University.

Noah “Doomedthief” Hwang
Project Manager

Noah has been gaming since childhood, when he played Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and online games such as Runescape and Maplestory. Noah moved to MOBA PC gaming in 2010. He played Starcraft II briefly before switching to League of Legends, which is the game he plays the most now. Noah balances his gaming with academic programs at his school, work in film, and now HSL. He brings to the table a good work ethic, project management skills, production knowledge, and the ability to learn.

My8sUS4Rose “MahouChan” Dang
Finance Manager

Rose attends University of California, Irvine and is currently studying Business Economics. She is also the financial director for The Association of Gamers at UCI. Having recently joined HSL, she works with the production team and is learning the technical aspects of creating and running a stage set for events. At the moment, Rose plays League of Legends and hopes that she can grind to Platinum this season.

Ovilee May

Ovilee “BrokenChopstix” May
QA Assistant, Outreach Coordinator

Ovilee is a current sophomore at Chapman University where she is studying Communications. She is the current President and Founder of Chapman eSports where she coordinates tournaments and events for her club members. Ovilee is an avid game player and is interested in getting into the eSports scene through her photography and articles.





Alex “LiquidMelt” Hsu
Tournament Director

Alex has been a part of HSL since its inaugural season, where he was a Starcraft 2 team coordinator. Alex plays a wide variety of games in every genre, but spends the majority of the time playing League of Legends with his friends, who hope to dominate the League of Legends tournament. Outside of eSports, Alex is studying at the University of Puget Sound, and enjoys playing the Violin, cycling, and working at The Seattle Aquarium.

Brian “CrusaderKitten” Truong
Broadcast Manager

Brian is known for casting in the League of Legends challenger scene. With 3 years of casting experience, he has been seen casting for ESL’s Pro Series and the ALCS. Other games he enjoys are CS:GO and Hearthstone. Brian also acts and does technical work for theater. He is currently attending Evergreen High School.

SZAErKsBrodin “Sinonyx” Plett
Production Manager

Brodin is a Film Production major at Chapman University emphasizing in Directing and Visual Effects. Outside of HSL Brodin does freelance film and visual effects work, but during HSL events Brodin manages production and acts as technical director for HSL’s live broadcasts. Although he seldom has free time, Brodin enjoys producing music, interior design, and dabbling in game development when he finds a spare moment.

Cindy “CindyPenguin” Wang
Sales & Social Media Coordinator

Cindy is currently double majoring in Business Economics and International Studies as well as pursuing a minor in Management at University of California, Irvine. She is the president of the League of Legends club on campus, and plans to attend grad school for public policy or international business. In high school, Cindy was also the president of five different clubs.


Adriel “Yoshi” Leung
Founder, Reserve Staff

Having two older brothers, Adriel has been introduced to computer games at an early age and therefore has been playing StarCraft and DotA for many years. Adriel focuses more on general management duties and helps take into consideration as many things as possible to help make sure the HSL’s actions will only help further its goal. Some of his interests include playing the piano, drawing, anime and animation, and composing/transcribing/arranging. Adriel is now a student at the University of Michigan and coordinates its CSL team.

Kai “kaiguii” Gui
Web Development

Kai is currently a senior attending West High School in Iowa City, Iowa. He used to play quite a bit of Starcraft 2, but lately he’s been playing more and more of Zoo Zoo Bubble, 2048, and League of Legends. Kai pursues web design for his school publication, West Side Story and the High School Starleague. When not working or gaming, Kai enjoys watching Kdramas and pretending to be cool.

TomlinTomlin “CheezpizzaZ” Su
Account Management

Tomlin is currently an undergraduate at Southern Methodist University. He enjoys all types of games and wishes that he had more time to play, but his many conflicting interests keep him from playing more than once or twice a week. Besides HSL, Tomlin spends his time managing a youth leadership conference, training for triathlons, playing violin, and trying not to fail school. He would much rather be mountain biking.

Geert Lombarts
Geert Lombarts
Production Programmer

Geert is a student at Fontys University majoring in Computer Science. Geert founded Europe’s most successful university eSports team and works alongside the High School StarLeague to take their live broadcasts  to a higher level. Live scoreboards, real-time game statistics, custom broadcast controllers, they are nothing new to him. In his free time Geert likes to travel the world participating in IT related challenges and competitions.  

CathyCathy “Mudkipz4Sale” Pham
League of Legends Manager

Cathy is one of our League of Legends division heads. She’s currently a sophomore attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. As an economics major, she hopes to go into business and continue her passion for eSports. Last year, she and her co-admin, Alex Hsu, successfully ran their 2014-2015 LAN tournament for the top four finalists out of over a thousand teams. She enjoys playing Janna on Summoner’s Rift and always tries to make the “winds” of victory “blow” in her team’s favor. One of her goals in life is to intern at Riot HQ next summer for more involvement within the League community.

BenBen Yan
League of Legends Administrator

Ben is a student at the University of Washington studying business, but also likes things that fly or spit out code. He began playing games with Brood War in fourth grade, and has never looked back. At HSL, Ben manages League of Legends Divisions, but also knows how to plug in routers and switches when someone trips over a cable.


HussainHussain Jaffrey
League of Legends Administrator

A former Diamond 1 support main, Hussain’s Janna and Thresh were a force to be reckoned with in his old HSL team. His gaming these days consists of Super Smash Bros. and whatever he picked up in the last Steam sale. In his free time Hussain pursues his passion for dance, mainly swing and hip-hop, and stays busy studying computer engineering at Virginia Tech.


KevinKevin “BlueDragonKorea” Kim
League of Legends Administrator

Kevin has participated in the HSL as a coordinator and a player for two seasons over the 2014-2015 school year. Having joined the HSL staff in the summer of 2015, Kevin hopes to keep up with his more experienced teammates. Currently attending a high school in the Pacific Northwest, Kevin’s eternal struggle is time management, as he attempts to improve his golf scores, programming skills, and competitive math scores.


RoseannaRoseanna Chu
League of Legends Administrator

Roseanna is currently a senior at Boston College studying Business and Computer Science. She spent most of her early years playing Runescape, but stopped gaming until about a year ago when she picked up League of Legends. Her favorite champion is Riven.



Aaron “Xenocidel” Liao
Starcraft 2 Manager

Aaron is a student at the University of California, Irvine majoring in Computer Engineering. He founded an eSports club at his high school and, along with Noah Hwang, created the first local intermural eSports competition known as the Triforce Cup. Aaron has been with the HSL since 2012; he is a hardware enthusiast and DIY hobbyist.

14LoonoChris “Ghostman” Frei
DOTA 2 Manager

Chris is the current project director for the Dota 2 division of the HSL. He enjoys playing Dota 2 socially and competitively, as well as many other game such as Super Smash Bros 4, Pokemon, Mass Effect, and Persona. Chris participated in the HSL as a coordinator for Dota 2 during the 2013/2014 season. This experience, being fresh in his mind, spurs his enthusiasm for the tournament and drives him to work to make the league the best it can be. Outside of the HSL he enjoys various musical pursuits and playing with dogs. He is a student majoring in communications media at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Taite Stull
Hearthstone Manager

Taite’s experience in HSL and eSports prior to joining staff include making top 8 in season 1 and 2 of HSL Hearthstone and starting the eSports club at his high school, South Eugene High. When he is not playing Hearthstone, he enjoys running cross country and looking at clothes.

Jimmy Zhang
osu! Manager

Jimmy is currently a 4th year Psychology and Social Behavior major at UCI. Gaming has always been one of his long standing passions and in winter of 2015 he took his first steps in eSports. He had joined osu!UCI, a collegiate osu! club, and had worked with them to produce many events such as Press Start LAN and the OFL (osu! Fall LAN). Today he is the 2nd President of the club and looks to be instrumental in advancing osu! as more prominent eSport.