SUF_9231The Children’s Hospital of Orange County
strives to provide normal life experiences for hospitalized children.
Their child life department includes entertainment broadcast from their state-of-the-art Seacrest Studios, leading technology in patient care, and an extensive of staff and volunteer network, many of whom specialize in Pediatric care.

Last May, the High School Starleague was able to work with CHOC Child Life and the Small World Guild of CHOC at Press Start: Irvine 2015 to bring increased awareness to CHOC’s stellar programs and technology.

The High School Starleague is proud to present a $1,000 check in support of CHOC Child Life. The check presentation was accompanied with a tour of the Child Life branch of the hospital.

“The CHOC Child Life tour was an amazing experience. The sheer amount of advanced technology was amazing to see, and the care and attention that they provide to every patient was far beyond what I had expected.” – Noah Hwang, Project Manager, High School Starleague

For more information about the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, please click here.