icons-checkmark   Our Mission

The High School Starleague strives towards providing high schoolers with a fun, competitive, and rewarding eSports experience, similar to traditional high school sports. Our mission is to promote eSports as a positive experience, so it can one day be considered as legitimate as traditional sports such as football or basketball. We also aim to eventually bring eSports to schools in a curriculum based manner in order to achieve balance between schools and gaming.

icon-person   Team

Although the High School Starleague staff consists of students scattered across North America, we are all dedicated individuals who have come to work together due to a common goal to progress high school eSports. Because the eSports field is exponentially expanding, we are constantly adding new staff to our team.

icon-star   Philosophy

Good sportsmanship and manners are just as important on the internet as they are in real life. Often, during online gameplay, tempers flare, maturity is forgotten, and respectful language escapes us. Our administrators work closely with teams to ensure that the HSL remains a clean and mature environment. Likewise, we enforce our rules and keep constant watch over our tournaments to ensure that cheating and dishonesty are quickly addressed.

icon-notebook   Education and Development

The High School Starleague places emphasis on a solid education. We work to ensure that every player is enrolled in school and is scheduled to graduate. We also carefully check for enrollment before distributing our scholarship prizes.


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